Post Election Thoughts from a Daughter of the High King


Rebekah Qara’ bat  Yahovah


Two nights ago, like the rest of America, I sat in the polling booth with the ballot in front of me and a black marker. I had prayed about what to spend my vote on, but I just couldn’t figure out what to do. How do I vote between two evils? Do I waste my vote and write in somebody’s name, just for my conscience sake? I struggled with the idea that my vote even mattered as the government, politicians and the media seem to get what they want, no matter what the people want or what is right. I sat there feeling like the hopeless situation the planet is in was going to continue no matter what I voted.


Things are so out of control. The more and more our nation has compromised the more evil has come. There seems to be no end in sight. Absolutely anything goes anymore. I know that it’s been a downhill road ever since the Fall of Man, but even in my own lifetime I can tell that the world is now beginning to escalate at an unprecedented rate towards global disaster. The wickedness is not even pausing on it’s frantic pace to infect every human and every aspect of our lives. It does feel like the End of the Age. I can sense it. The Continue reading

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Public Domain Image, Pixby

Last week was an incredibly tough week. I saw the edge.

I get hammered painfully hard before and after Feast time. Perhaps it’s timing. But more likely it’s because those who obey the commandments of YHVH are the target of the same evil force that hates the One who established the mo’edim.

Every year the punches come and I get struck to the dirt, the blood flows and I struggle to breath. My husband scoops me off the floor, hot with anger at the evil seeking to destroy his wife.

I’ve heard it said that I’m distracted. I sense that my Christian friends are becoming impatient with my journey and tired of getting my invitations to the Feasts. They say, “those were done away with!” They think Isaac and I like being mavericks. That we want to travel the path alone. They think we are divisive. Conform they say. They are tired of the call to repent. Actually, they say they already have and that it is me that needs to repent and come back to the fold. If I would only hold my tongue, get back in line and come back to the community of support I once had.

I used to have prestige, position, power and respect. Now there is only blood. I feel evaporated, like water that is poured out on hot pavement. Encouragement and support hit an all time low last week. But despite all logic, I can’t stop. I’m moved. Compelled. There’s a fire in my heart that will destroy me if I don’t keep moving. Staying conscious through the madness and chaos is the trick.

Continue reading

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Where’s Your Voice?


Me in a wheat field a few weeks ago. I love wheat fields!


Yesterday my youngest daughter and I went to see the theater production of “The Little Mermaid.” She won tickets (very expensive tickets) and going to Broadway theater shows is her and my thing. We dress up, we see a show then we go out to eat. Super fun. The rest of my family prefers the perfection of movies, but Hadassah and I prefer the art of a stage production.

Now before any of my sensitive readers throw me out with the bath water because I took my daughter to see such a pagan show -– let me just say that I know that the union of man and fish to create a mermaid is an unholy thought. I’m quite sure that the legends of mermaids are rooted in the truth of a past reality that disgusts our Creator. And I have no intention of promoting the idea that we tamper with Yahovah’s Creation and mix kinds. That is not the point of this blog. My thoughts are on a much higher plain. That said, it is my experience that Yahovah uses all kinds of things to speak to and heal me. So, yesterday Papa began a conversation with my heart as I sat in the dark theater watching an incredible performance of this well known Disney story. And this morning I write to flush that conversation out. Continue reading

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Traveling and Shabbat


This past Shabbat on the Wahkeena Loop Trail


Somewhere in April of 2015 we pulled into line hoping to get a campsite at Malibu State Park to rest over Shabbat. It was 6 pm on Friday evening and we were exhausted from traveling. We had been on a ministry tour for nearly 3 months (with two teenagers, a dog and kitty — all in a 21 foot RV). And as we traveled the area west of the Rocky Mountains promoting Teshuvah College, living from one donation to the next, we realized once again that traveling is not restful. Therefore, the one thing that was really important to our family was being able to stay in one place OVER Shabbat. No matter where we were we needed a place for two nights.

We stayed in Walmart parking lots, casino parking lots, RV campsites and National and State parks when we could afford it. We over-nighted in farmers fields, in front of friends homes and on the side of the freeway. Looking for a place to camp for the night was not restful nor easy! It was an incredible challenge to find a place to park just to sleep for a few hours without spending money. We discovered that society welcomes you during the day anywhere. All in hopes that you will spend money wherever it is that you are. But at night everything seems to turn against you. Doors close. Fear arrives. Cops come out to make sure you are doing everything proper. It becomes a hostile world unless you have the money to be on the inside. After dark no one wants the poor and homeless around.

It was important to me to avoid that feeling on Shabbat– that feeling of and our reality of being poor and homeless. But before I finish my story I have to tell you what the Ruach ha’Kodesh taught me about “asking and receiving.” Continue reading

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Emergency Orthodontic Care for Hadassah!


Maggie and Hadassah at Shavuot 2016

Click here to see Maggie’s campaign for her sister. Watch the video and donate.

Hadassah’s baby teeth were so pretty — straight, pretty and they worked. But when her permanent teeth started coming in we realized that our little girl was going to have a ton of problems in her mouth. We didn’t know if it was because of the Down Syndrome or just because of genetics, because I had horrible buck teeth when I was little! Melissa Gilbert (Laura from Little House on the Prairie) knew my pain.

My parents were not wealthy. My dad worked for himself doing floors and counter tops for the construction and remodel industry. My mom stayed home raising the family. My dad’s experience with dental work didn’t go so well…My dad grew up in the 40’s. One of 13 kids. He basically raised himself on the street. He had teeth problems so his mother sent him to the dentist. That day, he walked to the dentist and came home with a bloodly mouth. The dentist had pulled 10 teeth that afternoon! A poor kid and no mom around, so the crooked dentist just pulled them! Unbelievable! I have always felt massive pain in my heart when I recall that story of my dad’s experience when he was little. His mom was so busy she probably didn’t even notice. Continue reading

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Sukkot Preparations: CAMP CAFE’


Maggie’s working logo



We are so excited for Sukkot this year! We are already starting preparations.

Of course, this is in hopes that many Kingdom people from all over the country will join us for an incredible 8-day program! One that we are working very hard on. Along with hoping to attract true Melchizedek priests from across the United States, one of our main goals is to attract Christian youth, young adults and families.

Why do we want Christians to attend this Sukkot? Because we believe that at our Sukkot they will discover who they truly are and we want to show what the Scripture actually says about HOW to obey Yahweh. We what to help them understand what Yahweh wants them to do with their lives and how cool his Feast rhythm is! We want to give people who are feeling moved to leave organized religion a community of happy people to fellowship with, learn from and find support among. Continue reading

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Yahovah’s Calendar vs the Rabbinic One


Our Purim Banner

Many people are asking me about why we are celebrating Purim a month before the Jews are. Basically it’s because the Jews are keeping a calculated calendar and we are honoring Purim when Queen Esther and Mordecai commanded it –– on Adar 14 and 15 (which is Feb. 23 & 24, 2016 according to the Aviv Barley and First New Moon last Spring). Here’s a simplified view: Continue reading

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On Faithfulness

by Isaac Garvin


Our Purim celebration many years ago.

As we are trying to figure out how to manage a flock, how to maintain and grow a fellowship, how to motivate and involve people in putting on and celebrating the Feasts, Yahovah is also seeking the answer to a very deep but basic question. I believe his question for us, ultimately is, “In the end, will you be standing with me?” Or to put it another way, “If no one else was doing it, and you had to do it alone, would you still follow my ways, keep my Shabbats, and celebrate my Moedim?”

It’s one thing to do something when everyone else is doing it, or even when a few other people are doing it. But it is an entirely different thing to do it when it is all up to you and no one else is carrying you along. Continue reading

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Hanukkah Gets Real Personal

IMG_1342(I found an old article that Isaac wrote about our Chanukkah cleansing a few years ago. I think it is really good so I’m posting it now!)

We have become strangers in a strange land. But we don’t look too strange, I hope.

It’s hard to be an Israelite living in a pagan land, especially during the pagan holidays. Our first loyalty is to Yahovah. We believe He has a heart that is passionate and feels things very deeply. The pagan holidays are an abomination to Him. He said we were to have no other gods ‘in His face.’ I believe he remembers the smell of burning human flesh and can still hear the screams of the innocent victims being offered to the pagan gods on the high holy days of paganism. That is why proper sacrifices were such a pleasing aroma to Him. They helped to purge the stench of paganism from His nostrils. Now, even here in the midst of an enlightened, rational age of human wisdom and information, the pagan holidays are still at the forefront of the calendar and permeate nearly every aspect of culture. Continue reading

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The Princess Warrior Prayer is set to release on Nov. 6, 2015! I am super excited! It has been a long time in the making and is finally ready for Kingdom teen princesses to have access to! This is a really amazing prayer. I will get a paperback version available as soon as I can so you can buy lots and pass them out to your friends and family!

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